Friday, June 20, 2008

Kianthos Prison

I went earlier today to Kianthos prison. My Miss for a month now, Dawn, got herself into trouble and I thought I pay her a visit on her first day as inmate. Considering my pending sentence, the one I try to hide for a long time, I was careful, not to create too much attention. Their guard on duty, Miss Pixi, however got suspicious and somehow found my criminal record in her database. The heck I dont know how it got there ;).

Not much of a choice I had, no TP pad around and Miss Pixi with a tazer in her hand, I followed her orders. She was a little bit busy and I thought she did not notice, so I used the short time to hack into the warden's laptop on the table and I think I could remove the traces of my criminal record. At least I hope.

Somehow she must have seen it, or she just followed the normal process? Miss Dawn was requested to unlock my collar and it was replaced with a special prison collar. I have no clue what that thing can do. Miss Pixi tried to lock me in a cell besides Dawn to let me wait for the prison's warden, Miss Carlotta, to decide about my fate.

Again, she was not careful enough and when she opened the door I used the chance to run away... I made it to the second floor, and got trapped in a rat infested corner. An easy catch for Miss Pixi who put me on a leash in no time.

I'm still there now, together with my friend, the rat. Not sure if it is always the same tho. Perhaps I should give it a name. Waiting for Miss Carlotta to come and turn a detainee in a prisoner. I'm afraid my actions were enough to replace the record I tried to delete :).

Prisoner 239 to be

Saturday, June 7, 2008

OOC re: Account disabled

Some people were asking for help regarding my account disabled posting. In my case someone hacked my account and changed my RL info. At least LL support told me that my details were wrong. It may also have been a database issue that time. I dont know.

I posted what I did in Darien's blog.

Here is a crossposting (the important thing is the telephone number):

> My account got disabled too yesterday. Luckily I could call them
> after one day and it was reactivated. Still puzzled what happend
> but I withdrew 500USD to my Paypal account which is in my
> SL name. It did not work in the first time. I got a mail from LL
> that I would have to change my profile information which I did
> and which probably led to my ban.
>> Greetings,
>> We were unable to process your payout request due to lack of
>> valid payment information. Please go to “update payment
>> method” on to re-enter the payment information
>> before requesting> another payout.
>> Warm Regards,
>> Linden Lab Billing
> Searching in Google and forums revealed that accounts are
> disabled on a daily basis without any explanation given. So be very
> very careful what you do. For me I will not put any money
> anymore in SL. For all who can not call a US toll free number
> internationally, try this one I got from their billing: 703-342-0602
> I wish nobody that such thing happens. It is scary, disturbing,
> damaging. It feels terrible. They can kill avatars and people so
> easily.
> Boy
> Boy Lane said this on April 29, 2008 at 10:46 pm