Friday, June 20, 2008

Kianthos Prison

I went earlier today to Kianthos prison. My Miss for a month now, Dawn, got herself into trouble and I thought I pay her a visit on her first day as inmate. Considering my pending sentence, the one I try to hide for a long time, I was careful, not to create too much attention. Their guard on duty, Miss Pixi, however got suspicious and somehow found my criminal record in her database. The heck I dont know how it got there ;).

Not much of a choice I had, no TP pad around and Miss Pixi with a tazer in her hand, I followed her orders. She was a little bit busy and I thought she did not notice, so I used the short time to hack into the warden's laptop on the table and I think I could remove the traces of my criminal record. At least I hope.

Somehow she must have seen it, or she just followed the normal process? Miss Dawn was requested to unlock my collar and it was replaced with a special prison collar. I have no clue what that thing can do. Miss Pixi tried to lock me in a cell besides Dawn to let me wait for the prison's warden, Miss Carlotta, to decide about my fate.

Again, she was not careful enough and when she opened the door I used the chance to run away... I made it to the second floor, and got trapped in a rat infested corner. An easy catch for Miss Pixi who put me on a leash in no time.

I'm still there now, together with my friend, the rat. Not sure if it is always the same tho. Perhaps I should give it a name. Waiting for Miss Carlotta to come and turn a detainee in a prisoner. I'm afraid my actions were enough to replace the record I tried to delete :).

Prisoner 239 to be


Boy Lane said...

Boy is back from RL holiday and back into prison :). 24h to go...

gabby said...

hi Boy,

thanks for the link to you this morning. I have set up my own blog
to chronicle my upcoming existence/experience as a bane.

I feel I have to do something with all those up coming hours of isolation!

wish me luck