Monday, October 20, 2008

Bane again

It has been...I don't know....6 long months? Something like that. Been busy all the time, 3 big groups to manage, one more I just got invited back in. Hopefully good things to come. And I promised this newcomer in the biz, give her some feedback on her program :)

Time was right, I was just coming back from a walk to the lake and spit out the chewing gum on that police car. Not that it would really matter as it was already sprayed all over. Same as the Detention Center in Stanlee.

But they seemed they were just waiting for me. Searching me and blaming me for vandalising the sim *shrugs*. As if that would be my fault. And they could not even find the red spray can. But I know who did it :P.

I got caught, transfered to this new "Rehabilitation Center" or Alter Technologies how the evil call themselves. I don't really know what happend. Was all too fast. They took my money, they injected me some nanoprobes and when I woke up still dizzy these gangsters put some remote control in a helmet on me. Custodian they call it. I remember this word somehow from a distant past. Still can not really make sense of it.

So I tried to find a way back view is blur. But I found the lake again.

There I'm sitting now, in Stanlee, Home of the Latex and Bane Dolls....waiting for the things to come. Feel free to drop by, but don't expect me to say hello. Somehow they managed to seal my mouth :).

B-8644 (that weird new name they gave me)

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