Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Custodians from Far East

I don't know if they make them from milk with those famous incredients. At least I have these milky blurry view.

But I'm sure this damned thing is faulty. Sitting around for ten hours of my sentence, suddenly this "Custodian" added 8h 34 mins to my time. Crazy cheapo electronics. But after I saw the chairs they use, what else to expect :).

My time went already up by 1 /3 after the first day. And I did not even provoke it or developed any suit dependency syndrome :). But probably I will have some time to think about this...

Good thing *shameless promotion*, Cool Viewer has beed updated to Release 35 including backported Mono. It's pratical when IM conversations last only for 2 lines *giggles*


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