Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Latex Dolls are alive again!!!

The Latex Dolls have a long history and heritage. Many things have changed since the early days. And many sisters decided on a different way for themselves.

I'm proud to announce the revival of the LatexDolls. A long history. A fresh start. A future ahead.
It was a lot of work. And it is by far not done. But I'm excited and I hope you all are too. This group has one simple intention, to create a new home for all sisters, old ones, new ones, lost ones to unite together. To get something of the old magic back. We also accept the first time ever males in our sisterhood.

I reworked a lot of old rules, to eliminate potential drama, and to give us a better, flat structure. To enjoy to be a sister again.

Come and take a look, our home is located at Bedroom Bound - Home of the Latex Dolls, Stanlee (213, 198, 38).

Luv, Boy - M1


Ayesha said...

Hello Boy/Bane Doll(?)

Rachael's Doll here! I would like to know more about The Latex Dolls, perhaps you could IM my Domina? I am IM mute so I can't IM, more to the point - I can't do anything without my Domina'a permission. This looks like a group I should be in - I'm mostly Black Sin Lovedoll, with a bit of ER, WarDoom and Alien Desires thrown in together with Mars, RR and Amethyst control.

You know you have made my SL really interesting, and you know my Domina anyway. Without the Windows CV my life would be less involving. SecondLife? No, this is my only life!

Peace, Chocolate and Love, Ayesha

kimberly said...

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