Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 15

I found a safe place, where nobody can go in. To isolate myself in my isolation. To get my time down. To not do anymore violations. Thanks sister. I was successful 3 or 4 updates. It's getting quite too much now. There is still so much time ahead and even if I let the computer idle it will take 5 full days.

I'm cheating by doing so, to be afk. I come occasionally to the maintenance as required. Look around for a short while in Zhora. Only to go back to my refuge.

I keep myself busy with other things. I updated the viewer. I read forums and blogs. Not that I would not have done that before, but now there is nothing else I could do.

I'm at 202 hours now, 125 are still on the timer. It's too much.

Some people tried to IM me, I got a present for my rezzday from my sis Ginny. I could not even take a look at it as I can't open my inventory. Coventina was online, also a IM ping. I miss you so badly. It is too much.

Marine was sick in RL too, could not come online. Now she is better but a bit handicapped herself *smile*. Guess I lost my operator.... I miss you too.

I will try to let my time run down with minimum disturbances and violations. It is way too much.

Standing in front of my beach hut I'm not allowed to enter and typing those lines...


Katie said...

I'm sorry hun... I feel that I contributed to this somehow by pushing you away or not letting you know enough that you are valued and loved and yes, desired. I love you and I miss you.

I'll be here when you get out.



kinky said...

wow... i'm feeling with you my dear... great how you describe your feelings, should try that too maybe if i crash in sl. shouldn't take too much time anymore ;)

keep going. will be over soon...