Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 20 & 21

Thanks Win for your comment. I was very down. But I got some help. People talked to me, helped me. It hit me in RL. It hit me to get banned. It hit me to lose my family twice. I'm getting slowly back on track. Priorities have shifted. It is not so much time anymore on the custodian. I should be able to get out soon. Two or three more days.

I reflected a lot about myself. Good, bad, horrible things. I am no angel, I never was. I am through all levels, from being an abused slave up to M7 in LBD. I have seen all. I know all. I know how people react, behave, hurt, damage. I am done with that. Completely done. Nobody will ever hurt me again that way.

The last two days I only got my time down. Some network problems added 4x 30 mins up and a warning from my operator. But nothing serious. My custodian still hates me and rebooted a 5th or 6th or who knows how many times. I keep going, it will be soon over. Today I am at 21 days.


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Iced Berg said...

Dear, you are no angel but neither are you a devil... and you do not deserve the amount of pain you have been going through in the last few days.