Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 22

What a wonderful day, the 4th week has started. Some fancy network issues again. Got some spying and proximity violations for slow rezzing or god knows what. And one ex bane bumped into me in Zhora, clicked on the custodian and followed me saying the red light is off *sighs*. Thank you! Guess I will be in the 20+ hours again. Lovely.

I only hope I can get out of it this weekend. And I hope I can go out gracefully with rping out. Mitzy was unable to do it she said. I will be patient after that long time or at least I will try. It was so much, it has a strong meaning for me. Still I am scared and don't know what will happen next. I want out and I want to stay in. I know there is another life out there waiting, it will be not the one I left. But I hope at least some of my old friends are still there. Some are gone...

10 hours on the timer and I added some violations. I am scared to get out.


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