Friday, May 23, 2008

In Danger

*** Read with caution between the lines - that's RP, but not the whole blog is ***

This ex-bane has recovered almost from its sentence. (Letting the RL things drift away and enjoying the RP part of it). KTI decided to hire me, somehow they thought my experience would be worth to give me a job. So I work as an operator now for Dr. Kelley. It was quite a change, to be suddenly on the other side, to be in control of banes. Of someone I was a short time ago myself.

I've been in control before, nothing really new. I hope I can be a good operator to the ones who are lucky enough to be online on the waiting list when I am around. I try to give something back I have learned. So banes of Op Lane, consider yourself lucky *smile*.

But there are these other things, these.....these things I overheard. They tell people about their 100% success rate. These guys in charge of KTI. But then, there are the rumours, that banes disappeared. I was threatend one day myself even. And the rumours about the secret labs, where they develop all these high tech things.

I know, I can not prove it, but I signed this non-disclosure agreement. And someone, someone I know, she forced me, she forced me to tell her what I know. I did not want to do it, she let me know choice *bites on her tongue*. I could not live with it. I think I build a not too bad reputation in the short time as operator. So I turn myself in to the KTI security *shivers*.

Probably they will allow me only to finish monitoring the 5 banes I have out there, KTI has too less stuff and they are bloodsuckers. After this, I don't know. I heard the SLBI may be involved now, too close connections to KTI. They look for more in my history. And we all have that dirty thing hidden... Likely I will have to go to jail. Not much I could do. I am in danger...

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Mitzy said...

You are persisting in spreading these falsehoods about the banishment project.

I can not stand by and allow you to drag KTI and Dr Kelley's good name through the mud like this.

I will have to inform her.