Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 23 - Release

My remaining time went down quietly. Still I got some more violations, actually put intentionally 3 more hours or so in. It went unnoticed as the update fell behind my release time. The timer just stopped. I go my keys back. I was still in the suit. I was still blocked. Kinda shocked.
I tried to unlock it myself with the keys I had. Immediately I got a message the suit would destroy itself after 10 seconds. I locked it again. I did not know what to do, time was up but I was still trapped. I tried the emergency procedure in the group, no operator or engineer were online. My dear friend Antoine3 Yifu at least responded. I had to cheat (is that cheating) and logged in with my alt, and I spoke to her. She tried to contact someone for me, to no avail. One more hour went by.

Finally Engineer Bluezy rezzed in front of me. And she did a small RP and finally I was out of the banesuit. After 339 long hours. I don't know if this is one of the longest banishments ever. For me it was.

The ones who followed the blog know that the second half was hell for me. Not because of being banished but the things that happend around me. I really enjoyed the peace of the beginning. But it was very disturbing towards the end.

I learned a lot about myself and to be honest, I don't want to miss the experience. It was hard, very hard. It did damage, to me and to others. I lost someone. I would not do it again this way, that long. But I had to do it for myself. It was important for me, otherwise I may have pulled the plug from SL. It was meaningful. I met a number of great people I would have otherwise never seen.

I am grateful for the experience. I thank Marine for making this all possible. I thank Sophia, Win and Bluezy to be an active part and I thank all my friends who helped me through this time, one way or the other. Sorry to all I may have hurt by disappearing.

This part of the blog ends here. Perhaps I use it for my groups of the LatexDolls and Bane Dolls. Two new groups going hand in hand for people with their kinks and hearts on the right place. I am also an Operator now. If you want to meet me, chances are you may bump into me in Zhora or in Deitide.

Hugs and Love to all,
Boy (ex B-9140)


Win said...

Congratulations on completing your very long sentence and going through all the SL malfunctions, rollbacks and various nightmares in addition to the intense experience that being a bane has to begin with. Some of my banes have added up to an incredible amount of punishments and I can only hope this won't earn me a reputation as a sadistic Operator! I look forward to having some time to chat in-world now that you are free again to speak to people without going through the cold filter of a Nasty Custodian. Welcome back to the world, and glad to hear you are doing better than you seemed to a few posts ago.

Your (Former) Operator,


PS Sorry for erasing the first version of this comment. I noticed a typo and could not resist the temptation to correct it.

Sable Twilight said...

Thank you for sharing all this.