Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Account disabled

[Update] Thanks god and thanks to my dear friend Summer, all could be resolved. Somehow there was a weird RL name in my profile I did not put in. And the lady had no explanation as well. So all is ok. B-9140 is back for now. *breaths deep, still in shock*

I need out of this soon, there are too many people who are precious to me and who care about me. I'm sorry if I have hurt you. I love you all!


About an hour ago my account was disabled by Linden Labs. I have no idea what happend. I did not get any information from them, nothing. Only that I should contact their support.

I opened a ticket and now I am waiting.



Mitzy said...

That REALLY sucks, I hope you get it resolved quickly.


J-7840 said...

I am glad all was resolved... I just found your blog again after my comp with the link being down for days on end... you've been an inspiration to me in my journey B-9140. Thank you.

Iced Berg said...

You know where I am, and you know how to reach me.

We'll talk.

-- Katie

Coventina said...

*hugs* I am glad everything got fixed with your account doll..that's scary! I am thinking of you and miss you.