Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 9 & 10

One must love the Lindens. Yesterday I first thought I could not log in at all. SL was stuck at the startup screen showing "Logging in" forever. I tried several times. Nothing. Looking in the Linden's blog there were some major networking issues, and telling the system is overloaded and one should be patient. Very well. I tried again and after a while it finally worked. I found myself in Zhora, the neighbour sim was gone, and everything rezzed pretty slow. And then, bang, it hit me again. Got the second time this nice message telling me I would not use the RL viewer. A lovely timeout again. Thank you dear Lindens!!!

No operator was online, I pinged Dr. Kelley, Miss Win and Miss Raven for help. After removing the turned red naesuit I asked in the group if someone could check my @version that I am not cheating. A bit later Dr. Kelley contacted me and was understanding and helpful as always. She fixed my suit again and locked me back in it, for a minimum sentence of 24 hours. Not her fault and nothing I could blame her as someone else did. Sadly there is always someone who tries to destroy it for others. I don't want to spoil my blog with it, it is all in Marine's already.

I was a bit busy at the weekend, let B-9140 stand around in Zhora. Some curious people came and tried to approache me. Not that it bothered me. I spoke with the castle wall and emoted wit the tower *grins*. Collecting me a nice number of violations. Overall I have now 183 hours still to go. Boy doesn't want out and B-9140 will be around for the next 2...3 weeks to come.

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