Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 8

Guess I am the favourite bane of the Lindens. Someone must especially look at me. Or they have their TP's programmed to knock me out *smile*. I tried to teleport to Zhora for maintenance and what happend? SL crashed during the transport. The third time that that happend since I am banished and the third time a roll back hit me. The first two times I lost 8 hours. The one today lost my lock. I was still wearing the helmet but it had no owner and it was unlocked. I panicked a bit as everyone could take the key now and lock me forever, with no way for me to tell anyone. I ran home and asked for emergency help in the group. Luckily this was possible as the helmet was not locked anymore.

Dr. Kelley was online and ordered me to come back to Zhora, she appologized and said something I hope she will not consider. It is difficult with all the instability and problems of SL, it can hurt ones experience. Many problems were found already, still new ones show up every day. Everybody who wants to be locked in the banesuit should be aware that this will be a hard, sometimes even shocking experience and a mental rollercoaster.

Dr. Kelley was quick to take ownership and within minutes I was locked and isolated again, with a new 24 hours sentence I asked for. Thank you for the fast help. I hope this will be the last trouble I cause but I'm afraid more is to come. All other banes out there, you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you relog before considering a TP, especially if you have a long session and a lot of time accumulated. SL is buggy, it will crash when you don't expect it, it will roll back and you will lose your time done.

I did a couple of violations, intentional. It upped my time by 17 hours in the last update. I did it again afterwards. The ones who think I am completely crazy, please read my comment to my previous posting. Boy is not going to return anytime soon. Boy is inside B-9140 and she wants to stay there, safe and protected.

I visited the place where I spent the last months, the place that I called home. The LBD island. It looks beautiful as always. But it is no longer my home *cries silently under her helmet*.

I am at 115 hours now.


Anonymous said...

I try an avoid TPing, and for me thats pretty easy, my home just happens to be 2 sims over, and we have worked out a route between the two locations that you can walk.

We have lots of open land and even a zone set aside for banes to run to if they need a semi safe place for a few minutes.

Feel free to make use of it, it might save you some hassles.


Boy Lane said...

Thanks dear, I had a look, seems one has to be added to the access list *smile*.

Anonymous said...

actually you don't, it only looks like you do.

There is a hole in the "fence" that you can walk through. There is an invisible prim in the way but it will go phantom when you touch it, if your in the right group.

I had hoped to be out now so I could set it to a suitable group instead of the BB group, but instead of being out I have another 60 hours to do now.

Boy Lane said...

Wow..congratulations *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Some smart person had the solution. The door will now open for anyone in the banished group.

All you have to do is run up the ramp and when you cant walk any further click in front of you and it will open letting you in.

I tend to only go in there when I need to, most of the time I'm running around the land somewhere, or dancing :)

60 hours in 2 reporting sessions isnt so very first ever weekly report I got hit with 196 hours....

Spikey said...

I love the statue in your profile image, B-9140... where's that at inworld?

Boy Lane said...

Hi honey, that is in LBD island (Latex Bondage Dolls) in Rez Sea