Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 7

Today is day 7 of my sentence. I did more than 90 hours, And on top of that the 2 rollbacks sealing me for about 100 hours in the banesuit. I am proud of that. It did not affect me too much. I consider myself lucky when reading how others felt after being some time into their banishment. Fellow banes who have really a hard time. I think my 2 previous times as bane, although much shorter, helped me a lot. The longest time I ever spent isolated was 54 hours in a cage on an empty construction platform. But this time I was at least together in there with a dear friend, Winter. And as if it would be a coincidence I read the Eudeamon story in that cage, and Katrina's Eudeamon has the same name. Life, real or second is sometimes strange and our fate seems to be somehow guided at times.

Day 7. My custodian had a malfuntion. I am not really sure what happend to it. Somehow it crashed after I relogged, thanks to SL! My comms are working again. I can speak now, I can IM again. I can read notecards. But I can not move anymore. I am confused and disturbed. I contacted my operator... I could say "Hello Miss" to her. A long time since I did that last.

She came to me, we talked, I gave her the message I received from my custodian. Nothing she could do for me at this point of time. I am in a critical condition. my custodian is in a critical condition. The engineers and Dr.Kelly herself were informed. Some things happening right now which I don't know about and which may have dire consequences for me. B-9140 is scared. Company interests come into my mind, something my operator said. I am very scared. B-9140 doesn't want to disappear into nowhere. But higher interests are there and I have to cope with that thought. I cried for help to Dr. Kelley. I hope she can do something for this bane. Hope dies last.


Win said...

This Operator is shocked to what is happening. Something seems to be taking control of bane B-9140. I trust this to be some hallucination, or a grave malfunction - or, most simply, Banesuit Dependency Syndrome. This bane is growing delusional. Please disregard the gibberish she is writing here. We are taking care of the problem right now, and I am sure all this nonsense will be proved what it is: pure fantasy, fed by meaningless fiction as that book, "Eudeamon", that bane B-9140 seems to have read with perhaps too much attention. Let us stick to science, please, and don't lose our nerves getting seduced by too much science-fiction.

Operator Z

Spikey said...

Good luck, B-9140... Delusion or not, I hope Eudeamon is coming to you. Personally, I'd welcome a friendly presence, delusion or not, at this point... I fear my mind is breaking, slowly, bit by bit.