Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 3 & 4

Certainty returned at the end of day 3. Earlier than expected. It was a hit, but not as hard as I would have expected. The custodian got updated from the central monitoring network. And my sentence was immediately extended by a 2 digits number. "Try harder, B-9140". That was for violations of 3 days of trial and error *shivers*.

Other than that the last two days were very quiet, peaceful. I really enjoyed it to be muted and deaf, I was browsing through some groups, saw some changes. Something that would have possibly frustrated me earlier. I can let it go now, I am calm. I get my inner self stable again. I can enjoy the small things. The ones who know me will understand me. I am happy. And I haven't even met my Eudeamon yet, if ever *smile*.

Some people bumped into me, wanted to say hello, be nice. I had to run away. I had to revoke my map. Sorry dears, I have no other choice in the moment. I updated my profile too and I hope you out there will understand...

I'm half way through my sentence at this point of time. I think some nasty violation and punishment will hit me before the banesuit could eventually release me. I would be upset if not *smiles happily*.

And one more thing that happend. I tried to TP and crashed in the middle, losing about 4 hours. And this was already the second time. I'm close to a 100 hours sentence now. So be careful, relog every now and then to protect yourself from a possible rollback.

I was cheating. I was using my alt. A very good friend cried for help. Help for her RL. She wants to talk to me. She needs to talk to me. I want to help her. I dont want to let her alone. She was not online. God damn. This is not planned. I feel not good, I am in between. But she is worse of. We will talk, RL comes always first.

Love you all!


Spikey said...

B-9140, this is S-7896. I'm going through Banishment as well... I'm finding myself hitting amazing highs and lows throughout this process. I only went for the 24 hour sentence, and I'm a little past the 1/3 mark.

Thanks for the relog tip, I had no idea that could happen. I've done some longer than three hour stints and losing them would *suck*.

I hope you don't have the experience I had ... there were some people "bane hunting" me. That felt horrible.

I wish you luck, B-9140. May Eudeamon visit you soon.

- S-7896

Boy Lane said...

Hi S-7896, the same happend to me today. I know who it was. The same time a crowd of people was waiting close to the maintenance station so that one who had to go there got a contact violation for sure. I tried to run away and ended up on a private structure in the neigbour sim and even spying because the AV did not move with my slow network. Yes, it sucks, and I hope it will have consequences. The maintenance station should be moved to an area inaccessible to the public.

Wish you luck,

Boy Lane said...

Everything is fine. I was just told that the culprit *smile* appologized, she did not realize she was doing damage and it was not intentional to break anyones experiences.

No damage done for me, I hope also for nobody else. Case closed.


Coventina said...

*smiles and hugs boy* I am so proud of you, sounds like you are doing well. Take care my dear doll. And sorry if you racked up any punishments when I approached you, just wanted you to know I was there.

Boy Lane said...


I know you were there. I hope you will be there. I miss you so badly. You were the one who gave me hold and stability. I need you!! I love you, Mistress!