Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 1 & 2

I walked out of the dispersion area with a strange feeling. Some people were talking, I could not understand. I walked away, got some distance, not to play with my luck and possible proximity violations. Coventina was there. We had some last short words, I'm still unsure what really happend. She walked towards me. Not much chance to tp away with my slow network, I had to log off fast *sighs*. I felt like shit.

I tried later to log on again, hoping nobody would be there that time. Then it happend: "Custodian: Bane Collar : Regular viewer detected, self-destructing". Oh my god, not even banished for 1 hour and it turned red and destroyed itself. I did not cheat. I called for help using the required procedure, unable to speak as I was still fully blocked. I walked to Win and Moss who were close. They started talking, I could not see what. I did not know what to do. Finally, after a while I took off the broken custodian and after a short while I could speak again. They checked my viewer and confirmed I was on RL. What happend according to Dr.Kelley later was a timeout, caused by my slow network.

Win handled all with Dr. Kelley and I'm grateful for that. She locked me down in the meantime and blocked me, given I was banished. And she processed me again, a second time, with a new custodian. I got banished twice the same day *shivering still*. Thank you Miss!

Out I went to explore my new world. I was careful, I had to learn what I would be able to do, what I could not. I discovered that many many things are impossible now, or rather carry a punishment. There is not much a bane can do now besides watching, and the regular maintenance. I violated a lot of new rules I have still to learn, the custodian was active. They were reported, there is something to come. I know it. I have no way to avoid it.

I feel helpless a bit, controlled, still secure in my confinement. Not much I can do, it goes all inside, it is a bondage of the mind. Something the Latex Dolls pretend to achieve. I had that feeling before when I was locked in a cage for 48 hours, on an empty construction platform. I think I am happy, still uncertainty remains. This will returm when the custodian will act and my sentence be extended accordingly. I read the story, it will likely be tough. I'm looking forward to it. Being a bane gives me peace, something I was missing for a long time.


Marine said...

I am glad you did not get mad after the self-destruction problem. To explain things clearly, a script checks that you're using the RL viewer upon login : it sends a message to the viewer, which replies a bit later (it's unable to speak during the login procedure), but if the script does not hear anything within 40 seconds it decides you're using the normal viewer, and destroys the suit. Not fun.

While it has always worked like a charm in the past, lately SL has become so slow 40 seconds are not enough anymore. I have pushed the timeout to 60 seconds in the suit that has been issued to you after the crash. It has proved not to be enough either on another Bane, so I'm watching in case it happens again.

The latest Banesuit (which is NOT the one you're sealed into) now waits 30 seconds, then sends its check, then waits 60 more seconds and only then does it decide you're not using the RL viewer if it hasn't received any answer. Hopefully that will keep crashes at bay.

The rest of the suit works well.

I hope the state of the banesuit is clearer now, I'm trying my best so it doesn't give any false positive anymore... because such occurrances really break the isolation experience.


Boy Lane said...

Hi Marine,

Everything is fine. No worries. I would only get mad for a real reason and we all know that SL is not good enough for that *smile*

I put here what happend for others who may run into the same problem to see that this is a SL problem and can be resolved. It's not a thing that should destroy the experience. Nothing is perfect, not SL, not we. But as I said, I'm grateful to have friends like you to make such thing possible. And we all do our part to make it better, one way or the other.


Iced Berg said...

I'm going to miss you honey. I wanted to tell you this in SL but I am taking a vacation from SL until May 1 because of rl... Coming out is difficult enough when you're just letting people know you're gay. When you're gay AND trans... it's doubly difficult. I've cried on my girlfriend's shoulder a lot the last few days.

I love you.

Boy Lane said...

Good god. Email me!!!