Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 11

I was pretty busy in RL. Not much happend. My time did not go down, I got a 4 hours penalty and I'm awaiting another one as one of my friends came close to me and I got 3 warnings from the custodian. I should be more careful who can see me on the map *smile*.

I also went to Deitide. Actually a bit curious about Lexi and her Stonehenge refuge. She was not there, if so I would not have walked in. So I just made a picture. Hope you enjoy your time in the Sable suit, Sweetie. The next level is waiting for you...

And well, I wrote something today in Marine's blog. I feel I should copy it here too. It is self explaining:


@ Lee

Just some thoughts from my side, why banishment and where's the kick. As M-8722 wrote, it is quiet, you get away from all that chit chat ongoing. Well, you may say that's what we are here for, to communicate. But sometimes all this just gets too much. Way too much...the drama, the backstabbing. Ever heard of someone need a break from it all? Leaving SL? I do. I needed a break badly. I wrote in my blog about it.

Being a bane is peaceful. Your "computer" deflects it all, protects you, gives you an opportunity to see and think about things in a different way. You don't need to respond, you can't. I enjoy being a bane. I enjoy having now a break I could not get for almost 7 months. I know that friends, people I love, they seriously care, they are concerend, they are hurt. But to repeat it one more time, I thank you all for this, all these IM pings which are blocked shwoing me you are with me, somewhere out there. I am perfectly ok and I need to do this for myself. I racked up hundreds of hours, I will be a ghost for a while. I chose my isolation deliberately and I do not regret it. All you dear friends out there, I hope you will wait for me. But I need to do this for myself and my peace.

And Lee, you are right, I would love to get that from and together with Mistress. No doubt about it *sighs*.

Luckily it is not only a computer involved here, there is also an operator, which Marine is for me now. Thank you so much Dear!


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Sable Twilight said...

I found your blog through Marine’s. Then I realized who you were, and I was happy I found this blog.

I know this post is almost like three years old, but I never had a problem with the idea of being a necroposter, since wanted to comment on something you had to say.

In this post you talk about how banishment can help bring about a certain level of peace, quiet and stillness. I’ve not been in Second Life very long – only 107 days as of this writing – and already I can understand that.

In my first sixty days in Second Life, while I was waiting for my “you are now old enough to come play in our Sim” timer to count down for an organization I really wanted to be part of, I wndered around aimlessly a lot. I really had a tough time connecting with anyone. I had a few friends I chatted with, but overall it felt like there was just so much noise, even when I had my volume turned off.

Within about a month of my arrival, I often found myself wandering over to a Sin-Labs and spending an hour or two on the plinths just being a statue for a little while, just to enjoy the silence. Since I’ve begun my probationary period with the group I was waiting to be part of, I’ve not really had a chance to visit.

There is so much to do all the time, and sometimes it seems like such busy work. If there are not IMs and friends to tend to, then there are updates to be made on items. Or there is inventory to sort and arrange. Or new outfits to create. Or new places to see. Or the next contest. Or so many groups involve oneself in (and it seem like even 40 now is not enough). Or doing work in SL to keep one’s expenses under check. Oh, and I should really check on that person who just signed on who I’ve not talked with in a while...

There are times I really miss the silence and solitude of the plinths and just watching people drift by. Though there were never enough people to watch, sadly.

I’ve tried the MD Prison, but that is just too separate from everything. Too isolating. I like to at least either be able to move or interact with someone or something. Or at least wander.

But anyway, I just wanted to say that what you said to Lee makes sense. Even to a new person in Second Life.