Saturday, April 19, 2008


We all have heard about the opening of Marine's Banishment Program. I was watching it closely and finally got asked to join from Sophia when it officially opened. I did 15h and 25h as bane before with my Mistress, so this was the logical next step. I got my application ready.

Sophia and Raven are pretty busy in the moment, so I had to wait a while. And Sophia wanted to interview me in person. My time came, and I found myself in an interogation office, nicely decorated with some snacks and drinks offered. Kinda unexpected. The interview went well, I was really shaking a bit, having the things to come in mind. And soon I found myself invited to the group and my name in the waiting list. Thank you so much sister!

I was aiming for a 24h sentence, the minimum. The relaxed interview and the prospect of getting really away from my past in SL which was pretty much drama loaded let me ask Sophia for an extension of my sentence, to a long term, and I wanted to let my Mistress decide about it. Sadly things went not so smooth, but thats a different subject (I love you Coventina, my Mistress!!!).

The time has come
With my name on the waitinglist I was approached by Win to process me the next day. We both had a bit mixed schedule, so we figured the best timeframe for my processing. We met and Win immediately cuffed me, to prepare me for my fate. She then teleported me to the processing facility. No more snacks or drinks, clean rooms as required for the implantation of the custodian. I'm not going into details here as this is something each of us banes has to experience her/himself. After about one hour I found myself being let out of the dispersal area into the wild, covered in a tight black latex skin, with the bane helmet sealed on my head, mute and deaf. Sentenced to 60 hours of banishment which I know will not be the last word.

Full protocols kicked in immediately and I was suddenly on my own. Boy was gone, a sleak black bane with the designation B-9140 remained. Ready for a long time to come, ready to be challenged by the completely changed environment and its rules and potential violations everywhere. be continued.

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Win said...

B-9140, I was proud to be your Operator. Wish you the best of luck for your Banishment - may you actually meet your Eudeamon. They do say it's an Urban Legend, but I guess one needs to hope.